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Golden Hour is working to educate adults in first aid in English. We want you to feel safe and encourage you to take initiative when someone close to you has been involved in an accident or has become acutely ill. Your prompt action can determine another person's future

“The Golden Hour” is a term used for the first hour after an accident or serious illness. It is the hour that lays the foundation for the outcome. The first ten minutes of that hour are crucial and that is usually when professional help is not available on-site. The first aider is then vital!

The greatest mistake of all is to do nothing!

We offer different levels of training within child and adult first aid. We tailor the education to you or to your business and to the particular environment.

Utbildning i första hjälpen på barn
CPR and First aid

To see a child helpless in an emergency situation is frightening and even more so when you do not know what to do.

We offer a comprehensive course that mixes theory and practice. Through this education we will give you the confidence to act when a child needs your help.

Course content

CPR / choking / unconscious child / burns / acute illness / bleeding / fall accident / poisoning / allergies / drowning / cuts and wounds

Utbildning i första hjälpen på vuxen
CPR and First aid

This education will give you the security to act when someone becomes acutely ill or is in an emergency situation.

We believe you learn best through hands on training. Therefore, all participants will have their own training doll as the majority of the course is devoted to practical learning.

Course content

CPR / Choking / unconscious adult / burns / acute illness / bleeding / fall accident / allergies / AED


When Stefanie moved from Canada to Sweden in 2013 she resigned from her position as a nurse on an acute care unit at the University of Alberta Hospital in Edmonton. At that time, Sweden was promising much more than a job. Moving here she knew that Swedish was not her forte so she utilized her expertise in English to work at an international preschool in Stockholm. For her, being around and working with children is a reward in itself. However, as we all know children are very much in the moment and there are some moments when they require immediate first aid.

" In my native language I decided I wanted to spread my knowledge of CPR and first aid. I feel this knowledge will help you in your workplace or at home. Whether it be a child, grandparent or colleague, my mission is to make you to feel confident that you can respond effectively in most emergency situations "

- Stefanie

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We educate according to Swedish guidelines.